Collecting Pete Fountain autograph

Collectors who love jazz and who are avid fans of jazz icons often try and collect memorabilia and autographs that come from the big guys of the genre. One such autograph that may prove to be in demand among these fans is a Pete Fountain autograph.

Finding an item with a Pete Fountain autograph can be done with a little search of Jazz Memorabilia dedicated sites, Pete Fountain fan sites and even historical sites that carry such items on their catalogs of historical items for sale.

A Pete Fountain autograph can easily sell for $100, and this is just for a Pete Fountain autograph on an ordinary piece of paper. Finding an album or a picture of this clarinet playing musician with his signature on it can cost a whole lot more and collectors who love his Dixieland style of playing will definitely try to get their hands on these items for their personal stash.

While a Pete Fountain autograph may be easy enough to find online, other items that carry his signature or other items that may carry signatures of other popular jazz greats may not be as easy to locate and obtain.

Collecting Jazz memorabilia can be one challenging hobby and finding those rare items can prove to be a huge joy and accomplishment for the die hard fans of this genre. You may try and find vinyl records of some of the greats in near mint condition from places you would not imagine they had be found, like in old record stores, in your father’s old stack of records or in a garage sale you just happened to pass.

These items can be sold to collectors who will pay top price for them or could be your first few items for your own collection. Should you find a Pete Fountain autograph somewhere in these places and are able to obtain it at a ridiculously low price, you can auction it off with the knowledge that someone somewhere will want to pay a lot of money for it.

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