How to Find Memorabilia Gifts

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How to Find Memorabilia Gifts If you’re an avid sports fan, you’ll know that finding memorabilia can occasionally be a fairly complex task, but not if you’re willing to put your internet savvy into play and help yourself track down exactly what you’re looking for. At the site we’ve got an extraordinary amount of sporting memorabilia, but how do you choose? Well, if you’re buying for yourself, that’s one thing, as you know what you like – the summer, the Mets, online poker – but you’re going to feel at least a little uncertain when attempting to find the perfect …

Where to sell sports cards

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Sports card shops or dealers

Learn about buying, selling, and trading sports cards on the internet and others Sports cards collecting does not only involve buying, maintaining, and displaying cards.  Sometimes, collecting would also involve letting go of some sports cards especially when a collection is growing. For many business-minded sports enthusiasts, this is an opportunity for profit.  True, selling sports collectibles and investing in sports cards is a lucrative venture. But where can you sell your sports cards?  Before discussing the possible avenues, here are some important points to remember in selling sports trading cards. 1. Know what sports card to sell. Selling sports …

Value of Football Cards

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How to appraise & determine NFL sports cards value. Pricing football trading card Collecting football cards is just one of the most popular hobbies in the sports industry. Though baseball cards collecting is considered number one, football trading cards do have a favorable share in the sports collectibles industry. On appraising football cards prices Coming up with an accurate football sports cards pricing requires knowledge about the football card market and economy, skill in keeping up with the changes in card values, and intuition in evaluating several factors that affect prices of the football cards. This article will show you …

Value of basketball cards

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How to determine basketball sports cards value and prices; learn about NBA, basketball card appraisal & pricing The value of basketball cards depends greatly on the demand for such sports card and how much a person is willing to pay for it. For example, a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings #3 Nat Holman card was sold at Memory Lane Inc. online auction (2004) for $21,675 with a starting bidding price of $1,500. The auction lasted for almost a month with 11 bids made. This shows how collectors would spend for a basketball card they deem valuable. However, the demand for and …

Baseball cards value and pricing

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How to determine sports cards values in the baseball trading card market Baseball cards are considered the most important sports trading cards in the sport collecting market.  They were the first sports cards ever produced (as early as 1800s) and their emergence started the sports collecting hobby.  Because of such significance, many baseball trading cards have high monetary and sentimental value. How to determine baseball cards value For an enthusiast who is investing in sports cards or a hobbyist who simply likes buying vintage and modern baseball memorabilia, to know about appraising baseball cards is very important. You will spend …

Sports cards pricing and values

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Learn more about how to find the right price and the value of your sports cards. This article will help you determine the value of your sports trading cards Many sports memorabilia collectors consider trading, buying, and investing in sports cards very rewarding and profitable. Since the 1800s, collecting sport cards has become a promising industry gathering sports fanatics, hobbyists, and sports memorabilia investor altogether to trade cards. During 1980s and earlier, the main resource for sports cards pricing were the price guides provided by sport card manufacturers, printed on magazines, or sports cards catalogs. The emergence of the internet …

Sports cards grading

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Sports trading cards grading services; learn how to evaluate your sports cards and grade their condition. Find out about professional grading service Sports cards grading is the process of evaluating the condition of a sports trading card. This is supposed to be done by professional sports cards grading service providers. However, it is also important that collectors know the basics in grading sports cards. Most collectors do self-grading first before sending their sports cards to expert grading services (others call such procedure as pre-grading). Why is sports card grading important? May it be basketball card or baseball card grading, professional …

Rare sports cards

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Learn more about the rarest & most valuable sports cards in the cards collecting market Rarity is a factor that greatly increases the sports cards values.  Generally speaking, rare sports cards are the ones with the highest price in the market provided that they are in demand by many sports memorabilia collectors. Here are the top ten most valuable sports cards of all time.  The list is composed of vintage baseball cards which are significant in the sports trading cards history and remain to be sought-after even by modern sports cards collectors. 1. 1954 Bowman #66A Ted Williams The 1954 …

Investing in sports cards

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About sports cards values and investment, learning how to gain profit in buying vintage sports cards Investing in sports cards is not something new anymore especially for long-time sports enthusiasts.  They are much aware what profitable opportunity awaits them considering the huge sports memorabilia market. Collectors who never pondered about how to make money out of selling sports cards could be missing a lot. Why sports cards are a sound investment? 1.) Sports trading card is a low cost collectibles Sports cards are generally low cost sports collectibles which means an ordinary collector and investor could start small.  Purchasing game …

Sports cards manufacturers and brands

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Sports cards guide about famous sports cards company in the sports trading card market It is said that sports cards started the entire sports memorabilia collecting hobby when tobacco companies used sports trading cards (then called as cigarette cards or tobacco cards) as marketing tool during the 1800s. The most expensive sports card is a vintage cigarette card – the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner which was sold for more than $2 million in 2008. Aside from tobacco corporations, other early manufacturers of sports cards were candy and bubble gum companies. Baseball cards were inserted within the packaging of the products …

Sports autograph values

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Babe Ruth first Yankee Stadium bat

Autographs collecting guide about sports memorabilia appraisal, learn how to determine the price of autographed sports collectibles Just like other sports collectibles or memorabilia, sports autograph values are highly dependent on the demand and the amount sports collectors are willing to pay. In online auctions, for example, a hand signed sports memorabilia worth a hundred dollars would not reach the value of more than a thousand dollars without a collector determined to bid for such amount. But what are the factors that affect or influence the demand and consequently the value of a sports autograph? 1. The athlete who signed …

Sports autograph signings

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Kobe Bryant in a Public Sports autograph signing

Autograph sports memorabilia guide in attending public sports autograph signings, events, and shows Sports autographs signings are almost as important as the games themselves.  These are events that sports fans look forward to for a chance to meet their sports idols and get these athletes hand-sign some sports collectibles. In this article you will know more about autograph signing appearances by athletes and you will learn what to do during sports autograph signing shows. Sports Autograph Signing Contracts Some top athletes have a Sports Autograph Signing Contract with sports memorabilia dealers.  This type of agreement would generally state that a …

Rare sports autographs

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Autograph sports memorabilia collecting guide about famous and valuable rare sports autograph available in the sports collecting market It can be easy for sports collectors nowadays to acquire an autograph from their favorite athletes with the presence of sports memorabilia stores and sports autograph signing events and shows. However, there are also some athlete’s signatures which are quite hard to find and are more valuable. Rare sports autographs are those that are difficult to acquire but are highly desirable by sports memorabilia collectors. Mickey Mantle Sports Autograph: One of the most important and rarest sports autograph in the sports collecting …

Fake sports autographs

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Sample of Autopen autograph

Learn identifying sports autograph forgery and purchase wisely authentic sports memorabilia Fake sports autographs are widespread in the sports memorabilia market. If many collectors are aware of this, it can be hard to determine which sports autographs are real and which are not because of the skills of professional signature forgers. Beginners and experts alike can be a victim to sports autograph fraud but with thorough study about the tactics of autograph fakers, the risk can be lessened. Sports collectibles: A profitable industry susceptible to fraud The sports memorabilia industry became big business since the 1800s.  Unlike some other trends, …

The sports memorabilia market

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Things you have to know about the sports collectibles industry before starting your collection of sports cards, autographs, and other sporting collectibles Modern and vintage rare sports cards, game used equipment (balls, bats, helmets), game worn jerseys, bobble heads (or dolls and action figures), athlete’s photos, and tournament programs are just few of the sports collectibles available in the sports collecting industry. Because of its popularity as a hobby, sports memorabilia collecting has become a huge and successful market. Baseball sports memorabilia collection Baseball sports memorabilia have always been the most popular and most widely collected collectibles in the sports …

Rare sports memorabilia

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Find out about the rarest and expensive sports collectibles in the sports memorabilia market: valuable game use memorabilia, sports cards, and rare sports autographs Most of the highest priced sports collectible are rare sports memorabilia. Rarity is a big factor in determining the value of a autographed sport collectibles. In the context of the supply and demand formula, if a certain collectible is in demand but supply is scarce, then the higher is market price will be . Otherwise, if a particular sporting collectible is rare but is not sought-after by collectors, it would not cost much. This article will …

How to collect sports memorabilia

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Sports collectibles guide for beginners; tips on how to buy, collect, organize, and maintain your sporting memorabilia Sports memorabilia collecting is huge money making industry and it is still growing each year. It is a favorite past time of sports aficionados throughout the world. From kids collecting sports memorabilia of their hometown heroes to someone selling sports collectibles. Display cases for sports memorabilia – Collecting sports memorabilia also involves maintaining your sports items. Protect your collection, at the same time showcase them, in glass display cases. Sport memorabilia collecting is a very popular hobby. I you want to start your …

How to buy vintage sports memorabilia

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Tips that will help you purchasing online valuable and authentic antique sports collectibles and old autographed memorabilia Vintage sports memorabilia and collectibles are sports items that existed before the 1980s. Because vintage sports memorabilia immortalize the beginnings of sports, they also become valuable objects from history (some of them become pieces for museums). Thus, old sports collectibles and memorabilia become in demand by many collectors to complete their collection. Muhammad Ali 1970 robe – This rare Muhammad Ali robe (1970s) is priced at $15,000-$20,000. The white terry robe has become a significant symbol of Ali’s career. How to buy vintage …

How to start your sports memorabilia collection

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6 steps you have to follow before you start collecting sports memorabilia Collecting sports memorabilia is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s growing each year. It’s a favorite hobby of sports enthusiasts throughout the world. From kids collecting memorabilia of their hometown stars to businessmen trying to turn a profit, collecting sports memorabilia spans the globe. With as little as a couple dollars, you can start a collection of your own. In this article, we will discuss how to start your own sports memorabilia collection. Step One: Decide how much you are going to spend on sports memorabilia and what …

Sports memorabilia collecting

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An introduction to the hobby of sports collectibles Knowing about sports collectibles is just a first step in engaging to the hobby of collecting sports memorabilia and other sports collectible pieces. While there are a lot of people who consider collecting as an enjoyable pastime, there are also collectors who see more than that. Collecting sports cards, jerseys, baseballs, boxing gloves, football helmets, etc. can also be profitable especially for valuable, rare, and vintage sports collectibles. This article will be an introduction to sports memorabilia and other collectibles. These two terms in collecting sports items are often used interchangeably. It …

How to buy sports autographs

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Tips in buying real sports autographs: Authentic autographed sports memorabilia buying guide You would have loved to get a Michael Jordan signature or let David Beckham autograph your sports trading cards in person.  The problem is, these sports superstars are very difficult to approach. That is why, the next best option is buying sports autographs from sports memorabilia shops, online stores, auction websites, TV shopping networks, among others. Here are some tips on how to buy sports autographs and other hand signed sports collectibles. These will be helpful so you could get the most of your money’s value and avoid …